Lidl and BBDO create a campaign based on a wordplay that doesn’t work at all in English

Fortunately, this is Belgium, and we speak French and Dutch here. And the wordplay does seem to work in French and Dutch.

Able. C’est pas dur de manger durable.
Zaam. Duurzaam moet niet duur zijn.

It means that sustainable products shouldn’t be expensive.
But way catchier.

After a teasing phase, the campaign is rolled out on radio, tv and social.


  • Client


  • Contacts

    Boudewijn Van den Brandt
    Hendrik Van Wilderode
    Ifke Nauwelaerts
    Julie Vanderstichele
    Julie Longerstay
    Sylvie T’jaeckx
    Naomi Domen
    Emmelie Mouton

  • CD

    Sebastien De Valck
    Arnaud Pitz

  • Strategic Director

    Dirk Peremans

  • Creation

    Tom Jacobs
    Frederik Clarysse

  • Copy FR

    Gregory Verheyleweghen
    Vincent Abrams

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Producer

    Loes Fierens

  • Photography

    The Pickles

  • Film Production Company


  • Executive producer

    Ann Van Steyvoort

  • DOP

    Sam Ostyn

  • Director

    Jeremy Marchant

  • Editors

    Anton Ceuppens
    Jasper Vanhauwaert

  • Grading

    James Wood

  • Sound engineers

    Mathieu Schots
    Jeremy Vettorel

  • Design

    Nadia Tweepenninckx
    Piet Boeykens

  • Account team

    Michelle Stas
    Melissa Fastenaekels
    Cato Samyn
    Laura De Clercq
    Eva De Gendt
    Cynthia Gomez

  • Strategic Director

    Dirk Peremans