BBDO won’t compete with other agencies

This horrible campaign to promote the renewed BTOB Awards appeared in print, Vespasius displays and banners.

From now on, they will not only address professional publishers but also reward advertisers and advertising agencies. In order to inform the latter, BBDO was in charge to communicate these changes with – yes, you’ve guessed it: a B2B campaign. So not to compete with the other B2B campaigns, BBDO has decided to do a very worthless campaign. It’s bad. Really bad.

This horrible campaign appeared in print, Vespasius displays and banners.

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  • Creative Director

    Arnaud Pitz
    Sebastien De Valck

  • Concept

    Gaetan Gomez Garcia
    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • Design

    Christophe Malotaux

  • Account team

    Caroline D'haens
    Dilay Samanli