Lidl’s latest campaign sounds horrible

A skull being crushed. Bones being broken. Intestines being removed. That’s what the radio campaign and online video sound like, at first listen.

The voice-over states where these sounds actually come from.

They were created during the preparation of a delicious fresh pumpkin soup. So what we actually heard was the cutting of a pumpkin, the removal of pulp and seeds, the breaking of a carrot, etcetera. All registered during a cooking session at BBDO Production’s recording studios.

The radio commercial and online video guides listeners to, where they can discover delicious Halloween recipes.


  • Client


  • Contacts

    Boudewijn Van den Brandt
    Hendrik Van Wilderode
    Ifke Nauwelaerts
    Lien Van Hoorebeke
    Julie Longerstay
    Naomi Domen
    Aurelie Schotte

  • CD

    Sebastien De Valck
    Arnaud Pitz

  • Creation

    Simon Van Backlé
    Thibault Jacobs

  • Copy FR

    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • CCO

    Eva De Gendt

  • Account team

    Michelle Stas
    Melissa Fastenaekels
    Shi Qi Ji
    Janne Aerts

  • Production company film

    BBDO Productions

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Director

    Pierre Pironet

  • DOPs Making-of

    Jasper Vanhauwaert
    Anton Ceuppens

  • Radio production company

    BBDO Productions

  • Sound engineer

    Mathieu Schots