smart drivers and BBDO thank “bad parkers”.

Parking ... it’s often a pain in the a**.

The last smart campaign already showed how much time it takes to find a parking space in our country. There is an additional source of annoyance for everyone, notably those people who park in an anti-social way. In the latest smart radio spots they get a starring role. In fact, we might even say: a hero's role.

We all know them: drivers who park their car outside the white lines taking up 2 places, drivers who cut us off to be in a parking spot first, or those that double park. We can hardly restrain our frustration when we are confronted with them.


But for smart drivers the so-called “bad parkers” are a blessing. In all their rudeness, they often create a small parking space: the kind of place where only a smart can park. That is why the brand lets a number of smart drivers say “merci” entirely in their own way.

The campaign refers to the “smart deals”. Attractive discounts on a smart, where anti-social parkers can benefit. For example, they might find even find a place where they can park correctly. It is the smart way to put them in their place.


  • Creative director

    Arnaud Pitz
    Sebastien De Valck

  • Creative team

    Gertjan De Smet & Frederik Clarysse

  • Strategic Director

    Wouter Van Den Herrewegen

  • Account team

    Melissa Fastenaekels
    Roel Sweron
    Diane Vandebroek

  • Radio production

    Nicolas Van Poeck

  • Third parties