Recupel and BBDO send out new batch of ‘light guys’ to thank Belgians

Recupel’s “light guys” are back, but not as you know them...

This fall, they're recycled and they express a clear "Thanks"! Hence the strategic and creative shift with which BBDO convinced Recupel last spring. This summer they suited the action to the word and negotiated with some of the best recycling municipalities in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia to bring light to places that could best use it.

For example, last month they installed lighting in the alley next to the Zandstraat in Herentals. And also in the Rue de Garlache in Etterbeek and at the cultural and sports center in Marche-en-Famenne. Each of these places was festively inaugurated during an event for all residents.

Soon, you’ll be able to see the result of this thanks-campaign on social media. Next to this, BBDO created a beautiful, inspiring TV commercial which acts as Recupels’ ultimate “thanks” and call to keep up the good work. Discover the three “light spots” and the TV commercial on


  • Strategic Planner

    Michael D’hooge

  • Creative Director

    Klaartje Galle

  • Creation

    Sarah Huysmans & Jasper Verleije

  • Account Team

    Axelle Cannaert
    Lore Desmet
    Daniel Schots

  • Event Team

    Sanah Walravens-Hjiyer
    Ingrid De Jong

  • Design

    Jorrit Michiels

  • Social Creative

    Maxime Andrien

  • TV Producer

    Renée Vermeire

  • Video Editors agency

    Neil Skeet
    Dejvi Vandeveire
    Valentin Taminiau

  • Third parties

    Lovo Films