Bank Van Breda deserves more BBDO

In 2023, Bank Van Breda was looking for a new communications partner. BBDO convinced them with a new brand positioning and creative concept 'U verdient meer’ / ‘Vous méritez plus’. This concept came to life in a first campaign wave in January 2024.

Bank Van Breda targets entrepreneurs and liberal professions. Their active contribution to our society remains invisible to many people. But Bank Van Breda sees that. And knows that they deserve more. More advice, for example. More expertise. More financial insight. More attention. In short: More Bank Van Breda.

“With the new concept 'U verdient meer’ / ‘Vous méritez plus’, BBDO seamlessly unites the two pillars that Bank Van Breda focuses on: a personal approach and financial optimisation. Because when we say that entrepreneurs and liberal professions deserve more, we mean it. It’s the combination of reason and emotion that convinced us,” says Stefan Van Peteghem (CMO).

We installed the new concept with radio commercials and a digital campaign. And on top of that, we refreshed the visual style and tone of voice of the brand, making it more contemporary and sharper, but keeping the warm undertone.

In a second phase, BBDO will further assist Bank Van Breda in extending its new positioning in internal communications, employer branding and Bank Van Breda's prospecting processes.

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  • Brand

    Bank Van Breda

  • Contacts

    Stefan Van Peteghem
    Annemie Geudens
    Barbara Claeys
    Aude-Line Berrahou

  • Agency


  • Strategy

    Joeri Van Breedam
    Maarten Breda

  • Creative Director

    Marc Richard Vander Heyden
    Jesse Vanophalvens

  • Design Director

    James Gambrill

  • Concept

    Jesse Van Gysel
    Tom Meijer
    Thibault Jacobs
    Simon Van Backlé
    Sven Pede
    Louise Windels
    Louise Cornet
    Vincent De Roose
    Philippe Mertens
    Femke Merens

  • Graphic design

    Gaël Fouquet

  • Business Director

    Ward Braeckevelt

  • Account team

    Emmy Haegeman
    Helena Van Lyl

  • RTV Producer

    Marta Michna

  • Video editor

    Neil Skeet
    Philippe Caron
    Jonas Van Gestel

  • Production Director

    Hans Bos

  • DTP

    David Vanderbist
    Tom Nackaerts

  • Sound Production