BBDO wants to do what's right for Lampiris

Is an electric car good for the environment, or not at all? To use less energy, can I replace all my light bulbs with energy-saving ones, but leave them on all night in the children's room?

We don't know, we don't know anymore, we are lost! 
But what we do know is we all want to do what's right.

Lampiris’s ambition is to help people use less and better energy because they are convinced that everyone wants to do well. On the other hand, consumers are inundated with information, which leads to more questions than answers…

And this is where BBDO steps in.

With this new campaign, Lampiris wants to talk to consumers about their raison d'être. The campaign highlights all dilemmas that block us and Lampiris’s response: energy that is always green, and simple solutions to consume less and better.

This positioning is reflected in a new baseline: "We hebben allemaal het beste voor / On a tous envie de bien faire". With their simple, pragmatic solutions, Lampiris helps consumers make the right choice every day. How? By eliminating tricky environmental dilemmas, such as whether an electric car is good for the environment despite its batteries.

To tell this new story, Lampiris and BBDO opted to launch a campaign on television, with rather unusual formats, including a 60" TVC, but also a daily press and online section with an extensive digital campaign (social, display and native).

The soundtrack for this campaign is Michel Fugain's famous song “Fais comme l'oiseau”. With its lyrics and melody, the song perfectly captures consumer sentiment and at the same time translates their desire to contribute to a better world.


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    Marc Bensadoun
    Anne-Françoise Degryck
    Peter Coun
    Dirk Biesmans
    Laura Walckiers
    Nicolas Boogaerts

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    Jan Dejonghe
    Arnaud Pitz

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    Vincent De Roose
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    Vincent Abrams
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    Eric Leurquin

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    Piet Boeykens

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    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

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    Renée Vermeire

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    Jesse Donkor
    Sofie Verstreken
    Kim Leunen

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    Renée Vermeire

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    Bert Brulez

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    Cho Kuo

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    Hervé Closset

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