BBDO and Q2 present: the Couch Dive

To promote Q2’s new festival program ‘At The Festivals’, BBDO went for an epic dive into the couch.

This summer you won’t miss a second of the festivals. Follow everything live or watch the recap later, straight from your couch. In slow motion and accompanied by festival styled classical music, the ATF commercial makes you wanna dive into your couch right away. Do try this at home! Anyone can do it, especially when you listened to the ‘couch dive for dummies’ radio spots.

Going to Rock Werchter in June? You’ll get to show off your couch diving skills! At the Q2 festival stand, you’ll be able to couch dive into a massive sofa together with your friends. On the spot you’ll get to admire your performance in your very own epic slomo video… And share it right away on Facebook, instagram or Snapchat of course!

At the festivals. From June 6th new on Q2.
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  • Creative Director

    Arnaud Pitz
    Sebastien De Valck
    Klaartje Galle

  • Concept

    Sarah Huysmans
    Jasper Verleije

  • Strategy

    Wouter Van Den Herrewegen

  • Account Team

    Evelyn Savels
    Sanah Walravens
    Kurt Cattoor
    Daniel Schots

  • DTP

    Olivier Voglaire

  • Third Parties

    The Fridge