Ethias mixes it up and moves forward

Through the eyes of a girl and a boy, Ethias shows that we have to get smarter about combining our vehicles.

Ethias and BBDO approached the Brussels Motor Show 2020 from an alternative angle: a 45-second TV spot shows a girl cycling carelessly through the countryside. Over the years, she turns to an ever-growing car and her pace slows down in traffic. Until one day she decides to stop standing still: she again chooses the freedom she felt as a young girl on a bicycle.

The music, sung by children, perfectly summarizes Ethias’s message: cars should not be banned, but if we want to move forward with mobility, we have to improve our ways of combining vehicles. A bold campaign for a brand whose core business is car insurance. Yet we need that progressive mindset for our mobility, our environment and our future.

You’ll also notice that inspiring attitude in a series of 30-second radio spots about a father and his son. The kid, brimming with youthful naivety, asks simple yet thought-provoking questions. 

The campaign also consists of a 30-second recut TV spot, social media posts, OOH and DOOH. All carrying the same message: Ethias insures your car and any other means of transport with a smile.


  • Client


  • Contacts

    Vincent Pécasse
    Karolien Schoefs
    Barbara Antinori
    Jelle Vanheers

  • Creative director

    Arnaud Pitz

  • Creative team

    Gregory Verheyleweghen
    Gaetan Gomez Garcia

  • Copy NL

    Thibault Jacobs

  • Account team

    Eva De Gendt
    Bram De Vidts
    Charlotte Rooseleer
    Gill Cauwenberg
    Ilse Plas
    Emmy Haegeman

  • Strategy

    Wouter Van den Herrewegen
    Kim Leunen

  • Producers

    Eva Segers

  • Production

    Creative Conspiracy

  • Sound

    BBDO Productions

  • Music composer

    Grégory Caron

  • Design

    Pierre Rousseau

  • Final arts

    Tom Nackaerts

  • Video editing

    Valentin Taminau

  • Performance team

    Michiel Dierickx
    Thomas Jossa