Choosing 5th best? That’s just weird.

2022 was – among other things – the year in which Lidl was elected best supermarket of 2022 by Retailer Of The Year Belgium.

Something they are right to be very proud of. And when Lidl is proud, BBDO is too. So we went out of our way to make sure everyone knows about this well-deserved reward. Without taking ourselves too seriously. It is Lidl, after all.

The idea behind the campaign is simple: deliberately not choosing the best, is a little bit weird. Because why would you rely on Danny, the 7th best plumber of the neighbourhood? Or leave your party in the hands of DJ Djessie, the 5th best DJ from around?

With some winks to tacky local advertising, Lidl says it like it is: not choosing the best supermarket, that’s just weird.

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  • Client


  • Contacts

    Mattus Gala
    Hendrik Van Wilderode
    Eelko Suithoff
    Julie Vanderstichelen
    Naomi Domen
    Sam Borloo

  • CD

    Jan Dejonghe

  • Creation

    Luc Shih
    Stephen Walckiers

  • Copy FR

    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Producer

    Marta Michna

  • Editors

    Jonas Van Gestel
    Neil Skeet

  • Sound Engineer

    Mathieu Schots

  • Designer

    Piet Boeykens

  • Final art

    Petra Saelens

  • Account team

    Michelle Stas
    Cato Samyn
    Chiara Juliens

  • Strategic Director

    Dirk Peremans