Lidl and BBDO pull an all-nighter during the study period

Lidl and BBDO pull an all-nighter during the study period. To give their latest fresh campaign an extra boost, Lidl helps students to get their diploma. How?

Lidl opens 'Straffe Kost’. A restaurant for students in Ghent.

‘Straffe Kost’ serves delicious dishes that help the brain to study better. All these delicacies were made with fresh products from Lidl. And because students study day and night, the restaurant is opened 24/7, five weeks in a row.

Targeted social videos on Facebook and radio spots on Spotify remind students to eat fresh dishes at any moment of the day.

The prices are affordable for any student’s budget. A full breakfast buffet costs 6 €. A Taï beef salad 7 €. Or a spaghetti with asparagus for 6 €. Students who visit ‘Straffe Kost’ between May 23rd and June 23rd can be sure of the greatest distinction… we hope.

Spotify commercials


  • Creative director

    Sebastien De Valck
    Arnaud Pitz

  • Creative team

    Michiel Baeten & Frédéric Delouvroy

  • Account team

    Isabel Peeters
    Michelle Stas
    Emilie Kino
    Shi Qi Ji

  • Strategic planner

    Jan Van Brakel

  • Content strategist

    Jonas Helsen

  • Design

    Nadia Tweepenninckx

  • Final art

    Petra Saelens

  • Production company

    BBDO Productions

  • Producer

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove
    Silke Ricour

  • Video Director

    Jasper Vanhauwaert

  • Video Editor

    Neil Skeet

  • Third parties

    City Cubes