Lidl spins a fresh twist on classic fairytales

What if Snow White invited her evil stepmother to dinner? And what if they became best friends after eating tomate-crevette?

What if Snow White hadn't accepted the apple, but had invited her stepmother to dinner? Fresh tomato filled with shrimp, for example. And what if Little Red Riding Hood, the three little pigs, Hansel & Gretel … had also eaten together with their villains? They would all have lived much more happily ever after.

In our latest campaign, Lidl lets fairytale characters eat together. Because good food really does bring everyone together. Good food from Lidl that is.

In a 30-second TV commercial, various radio spots, and print/out of home posters, we see and hear how all our fairytale characters match perfectly. In fact, Snow White and her stepmother have such a strong bond that they have launched their own Instagram channel where you can follow their adventures throughout the campaign. Be sure to check out @_snowwhite21_.


  • Client


  • Contacts

    Boudewijn Van den Brandt
    Hendrik Van Wilderode
    Ifke Nauwelaerts
    Lien Van Hoorebeke
    Julie Longerstay
    Yentl Verstockt
    Emmelie Mouton

  • CD

    Sebastien De Valck
    Arnaud Pitz

  • Strategic Director

    Dirk Peremans

  • Creation

    Simon Van Backlé
    Thibault Jacobs

  • Copy FR

    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • CCO

    Eva De Gendt

  • Account team

    Michelle Stas
    Melissa Fastenaekels
    Aurélie Thollebeek
    Cato Samyn
    Laura De Clercq

  • Social creatives

    Matthias Andriessen
    Justine Ravyts

  • Production company

    BBDO Productions

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Producer

    Eva Segers

  • Sound engineer

    Mathieu Schots

  • Editors

    Neil Skeet
    Jasper Vanhauwaert

  • Design

    Nadia Tweepenninckx

  • Final Art

    Tom Nackaerts

  • Film Production Company


  • Director

    Wim Geudens

  • DOP

    Piet Deyaert

  • Producer

    Mathias Kerner

  • Videographer social

    Jonas Van Gestel

  • Photographer

    Koen Demuynck

  • Foodstylists

    Sofie Noyen
    Djuna Moens