BBDO and Douwe Egberts invite fathers to be openhearted over a cup of coffee

BBDO and Douwe Egberts are launching a campaign in which, over a cup of coffee, the well-known coffee brand invites men to think about the role they want to play in their family.

To stimulate debate and open the subject for discussion, the iconic female icon on the Douwe Egberts packaging, which symbolizes the woman who takes care of her loved ones, will be replaced by a man throughout the spring. A limited-edition packaging that aims to draw attention to a stereotype that is difficult to break.

Caring for others is still considered the role of women. However, the Ipsos / Ivox survey conducted as part of this campaign indicates that fathers would like to spend more time with their children. However, certain social and cultural barriers, such as pressure from work, prevent them from doing so.

This new initiative, called “Openhearted Fathers”, which is a continuation of the “Something to Share” campaign, aims to show that, over a cup of coffee, you can talk about many topics, including those that require a little more courage than others. Last year, Douwe Egberts already launched a commercial in which a father invited his daughter and her girlfriend for a cup of coffee after he discovered that the two young women were in a relationship. This new media campaign uses the same principle, this time inviting men to speak frankly about their role in the family.

To put all fathers who open their hearts in the spotlight, BBDO came up with 4 long-format stories, directed by Jan Boon. We discover four men, who open their hearts to their friends, their partner, their own father, or their boss, concerning their role as fathers.

The campaign “Openhearted Fathers” will run on TV, online video and on social media. Articles are planned in magazines and online press, in shops consumers will find the new packaging with the Aroma Man, and influencers such as Maarten Vancoillie, Kristof Hoefkens and Olivier Arnould will contribute to the campaign. More information about the packaging, the spots and the research results at


  • Client

    Douwe Egberts

  • Contacts

    Vanessa Barba
    Oriana Servais
    Kristel Bruwiers
    Laurien De Block

  • CD

    Sebastien De Valck
    Arnaud Pitz

  • Creation

    Louise Cornet
    Loup Delpierre

  • CCO

    Katrien Denef

  • Account team

    Lieve Raymaekers
    Ward Braeckevelt
    Ellen Van den Broeck

  • Strategy

    Aurélie Russanowski

  • Graphic design

    Pierre Rousseau
    Jorrit Michiels

  • Film production company

    BBDO Productions

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Agency producers

    Renée Vermeire
    Silke Ricour

  • Line producer

    Silke Ricour

  • Director

    Jan Boon

  • DOPs

    David Doom
    Jasper Vanhauwaert

  • 1st AC

    Bart Bleuzé

  • Lights

    Pieter-Jan Donckels
    Dries Cumps
    Simon Vanderhoydonck

  • Sound on set

    Vital Tilborghs

  • Setdressing


  • Make-up artist

    Emmanuelle Bastiaenssen

  • Casting

    Le Quartier

  • Editors

    Jasper Vanhauwaert
    Neil Skeet

  • Online

    Annelies Carnoy

  • Grading

    Joost Van Kerckhove

  • Sound engineer

    Jeremy Vettorel

  • Social creative

    Justine Ravyts