Lidl and BBDO wake up your kids

The start of school can be challenging. But not with Lidl.

Ah, September. The kids have been sleeping in for two months, eating and doing what they want. And then suddenly: getting up early, having breakfast, preparing lunch and leave for school.

And the most difficult part, is getting them out of bed. But for everything else, there’s Lidl. Because their wide range of private brands turns every breakfast into a ‘successful moment’. Whatever your morning looks like, at Lidl everyone finds their thing. Without paying much for it.

That range also plays the leading role in a series of social videos. They show the different types of breakfast you can find at Lidl. And the children in the spot are woken up fittingly: with a sirtaki dance for the Greek breakfast, by an accordionist for the French breakfast and a bagpiper for the English breakfast. Enjoy!


  • Client

    Lidl Belgium

  • Contacts

    Matúš Gála
    Hendrik Van Wilderode
    Dieter De Ryck
    Elke De Vuyst
    Julie Vanderstichele
    Julie Longerstay
    Naomi Domen
    Emmelie Mouton

  • Agency

    BBDO Belgium

  • Media Agency

    ZIGT Belgium

  • Strategy

    Dirk Peremans

  • Account team

    Ward Braeckecelt
    Laura De Clercq
    Cato Samyn
    Axel Braeckevelt
    Amandine Folie

  • CD

    Marc Richard Vander Heyden

  • Creation

    Gaëtan Gomez Garcia
    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • Head of Design

    James Gambrill

  • Graphic Design

    Nadia Tweepenninckx
    Piet Boeykens

  • NL Copy

    Philippe Mertens

  • FR Copy

    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • RTV Producer

    Loes Fierens

  • Film production company


  • Executive producers

    Ben Wevers
    Rien Behaeghe

  • Producer

    Roxanne Wylleman

  • Director

    Jean Charles Charavin

  • DOP

    Piet Deyaert

  • Food Styling

    Sofie Noyen

  • Decor

    Stan Martens

  • Styling

    Inger Perdersen

  • Casting

    We Want You

  • Post producer

    Mirjam De Vreese

  • Offline editor TVC

    Liesbeth Van Sele

  • Grading

    Didrik Braathen

  • Online editor/VFX

    Matthias De Muer

  • Sound Production


  • Sound Engineers

    Mathieu Schots
    Jeremy Vettorel

  • Post Production Promo Films


  • Editor

    Neil Skeet

  • Grading

    Julien Alary