There are no words for Lidl’s own brands

"Hmmmm. Aaaaah. Ooooh... Whoaaaa!" It may sound like the beginning of a weird film, but it is the basis of our new campaign for Lidl.

Lidl and BBDO tried to find the right words to describe the quality and price of their own brands. But sometimes you don't need words. And they took that very literally.

In a 25-second TV commercial we see a blissful brunch where everyone is enjoying their food. So much that they express their contentment with sounds. And once they see the prices, they turn into sounds of amazement.

The fact that Lidl's own brands are the highest quality is no lie. And Lidl can easily prove it. For instance, they were voted Best Supermarket in Belgium for the second year in a row. In addition, they have several own brands that were voted "Best Buy" or "Best of the Test" by Testaankoop.

And you can also save 62% on your shopping basket at Lidl by buying own brands instead of A-brands at another supermarket. That too has been proven in an independent study by Testaankoop. These claims are featured in 3 tag-ons that can be seen after the main commercial or as stand-alone online videos.

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