Scarlet and BBDO ask you: why are you paying more?

So you think that if you pay more, things will be better? Tune in to our campaign to discover that's not true

Do you think you’ll get something different? Well no, so why pay more for your telecom subscription? At Scarlet, the TV-Internet-Telephony subscription is just €39 per month. That’s right, just because you pay more elsewhere, it doesn’t mean that the stuff you ordered online will arrive more quickly, or that you’ll have a more sophisticated voice on the phone. So based on this observation, BBDO developed a 360° campaign (banner, TV, YouTube pre-roll and radio), asking this simple question: why pay more?


  • Strategic Planning

    Jan Van Brakel

  • Creative director

    Arnaud Pitz
    Sebastien De Valck

  • Creative team

    Gaëtan Gomez Garcia
    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • Copywriter NL

    Frederik Clarysse
    Michiel Baeten

  • Account handling

    Catherine De Block
    Pauline Verboomen
    Gill Cauwenberg

  • Social team

    Paulien De Clerq
    Adnan Chehima

  • Content strategist

    Jesse Donkor

  • RTV Production

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove
    Nicolas Van Poeck

  • Third parties