Jupiler and BBDO, “tous ensemble” behind our Red Devils

A defeat in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Euro 2020 postponed. Empty cafes and stadiums, due to the pandemic. The past months left their mark.

But not enough to kill the passion of the Belgian supporters.

This year, the supporters of the Red Devils will be more than ever ready to go all the way for the long-awaited victory. And to be as prepared as possible, Jupiler and BBDO created Jupiler RED: a red beer with the same taste as a traditional lager. The color of this limited edition beer, brewed with the passion of the Red Devils, was validated in Jupille by Roberto Martinez himself.

At the same time, Jupiler connects all supporters through a commercial with a message of hope, of resurrection, to leave all troubles behind, and to focus on the future and all the moments that we will celebrate together.

Tous ensemble! the supporters shout.
Tous ensemble, we're all RED INSIDE!
Tous ensemble we will soon reunite with a Jupiler in hand to drink to the dedication of the Red Devils.


  • Client


  • Contacts

    Laura Salway
    Josse Peremans
    Amaury Hayois
    Maxime Pudzeis

  • CD

    Sebastien De Valck
    Arnaud Pitz

  • Creation

    Louise Cornet
    Loup Delpierre

  • Copy NL

    Frederik Clarysse

  • Strategy

    Aurélie Russanowski

  • Production

    Renée Vermeire

  • Account team

    Lore Desmet
    Aurélie Thollebeek
    Quentin Donckerwolcke.

  • Film production company


  • Executive producer

    Eurydice Gysel

  • Producer

    Maarten De Sutter

  • Post producer

    Bieke Dekeersmaecker

  • Director

    Hauke Hilberg

  • VFX

    FLOW Postproduction

  • VFX Czar

    Elke D’Haese
    Stijn Van Assche

  • Editors

    Hauke Hilberg
    Manu Van Hove

  • Grading

    Olivier Ogneux

  • Sound production