BBDO Belgium enters new era with 'The power of do'

BBDO Belgium launches a new brand manifesto: The Power of Do. The agency is a firm believer that doing is key to creating effectiveness.

Together with its new management coming into full swing, BBDO Belgium is poised for success in the coming months and years.

Doing is the first step towards succeeding. This core belief sits at the heart of BBDO Belgium’s new brand manifesto: The Power of Do. The manifesto is the result of an internal exercise set up by BBDO Belgium’s management, providing the agency with the building blocks for growth and success in the coming months and years.

The Power of Do stays true to BBDO’s worldwide mantra We create effectiveness: the belief that creative and impactful communication always go hand in hand. The one cannot exist without the other. But to create effective advertising, we must first dare to do.

“Every success story starts with someone taking action. This means pushing aside doubt. Accepting that sometimes mistakes happen. And jumping into the unknown. Because doing is what leads to greatness. By putting the power of do into practice in our daily work, we believe we can do our best work for our clients and create meaningful, impactful work. I’m incredibly proud of the story we’ve cocreated with the entire team”, explains Barbara Vangheluwe, CEO of BBDO Belgium.

With a mix of seasoned executives and some newer faces, BBDO Belgium’s management is ushering in a new wind for the agency.

CEO Barbara Vangheluwe recently celebrated her first year as CEO of BBDO Belgium and saw the introduction of several new executives in the agency: CCO Pascal Kemajou, CDO Pieter Vermeersch, CD Marc Richard Vander Heyden and CSO Maarten Breda. CD Antoinette Ribas rounds off the creative management, and with over 10 years of experience at BBDO Belgium CFO Dieter Vandecappelle safeguards long term consistency.

“Backed by the incredible potential of the full BBDO Belgium team, we look forward to continuing to raise the bar for our agency and for our clients”, concludes Barbara Vangheluwe.

Written by BBDO Belgium Team, We create effectiveness

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