BBDO presents: The Digital Farm

BBDO is giving three graduates the chance to get practical job experience in the world of digital marketing

The Digital Farm 2021, by BBDO Belgium

🎵Cyborg MacDonald had a Digital Farm! Ee i ee i o! And on that farm he had some talented graduates! Ee i ee i o! 🎵

Look, advertising today is not the Mad Men, day drinking , chain smoking environment it was fifty years ago. It’s not even the memo faxing, 56 kbit, Y2K panic environment it was thirty years ago. Today, it’s a high-paced, data-driven, digital domain. Which means you need high-paced data-driven digital skills to make it. Enter the Digital Farm.

With the Digital Farm, BBDO is offering three fresh-faced, rosy-cheeked graduates the chance to develop their digital marketing skills in a real-world setting. They will be working with a team of experts on projects for Toyota, Lampiris, Lexus and many of our other clients. That means SEO, SEA, Google analytics, UX, you name it!
Over the course of two months- starting in September- we will mould these bright young minds into regular social media wizards, real growth hacking pirates, awesome digital... erm, samurai? Transformers? That’s probably licensed.

Through courtesy of the VDAB’s BIO system, this will be a paid internship. Because you don’t get something for nothing (nor should you). Even better, if after two months we like your style, you are welcome to join the BBDO family indefinitely!

So there you have it! A first work experience starting in September, in one of Belgium’s best ad agencies, with plenty of learning opportunities, a decent wage, a nice office dog...
Has your fancy been tickled?
Then why don’t you shoot us an email before the 22nd of August containing your CV and a cover letter to Go on, show us what you got. 

Written by BBDO Belgium Team, We create effectiveness

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