This is why your brand deserves excellent content

Some things you better leave to professionals. To specialists. To experts. And that's no different for content and copy.


If my hair needs to be cut in style again, I go to my hairdresser.
However, I learned how to handle scissors (relatively) safely in kindergarten.

The days are getting colder and I have nothing left to wear? Then I comb my favorite stores on Saturday, looking for the perfect knitted sweater.
However, in fifth grade Mrs. Inge told me how to knit one and purl one.

And if I feel like a perfectly cooked prime rib with béarnaise, fresh fries and ditto mayonnaise, I reserve a table for two in my favorite restaurant.
However, I’ve had a chef's training myself.

Some things you better leave to professionals.
To specialists. To experts.
And that's no different for content and copy.

Organizations and companies are increasingly creating content: information to convince customers to pick their brand. No plain advertising, but messages with substance and added value for the reader.

At least that is the intention.
But sometimes things don’t go as expected.

Because the content writers who have to write these messages with added value, by no means all master the craftsmanship of writing. No, not even if they 'have been doing it for years', or 'they have never had any complaints'. 

Because everyone can write, right?
That's right. 
But not everyone writes well. 

Result? Crappy content and copy-paste a-go-go.
Ciao, added value. Bye-bye, conversion.

Our language is the carrier of our knowledge. 
And a good copy or content writer (what's in a name?) realizes that. He or she is not only a wordsmith, but also excellent in reasoning and arguing, and an excellent analyst. 

As a copy expert you do a lot more than just putting words into sentences. You collect information, analyze and structure it, look for arguments pro and contra and write a conclusion that encourages action and conversion

And you do that all while immersing yourself completely in the environment of your target group. A matter of knowing for whom you write.

So value your brand, and give it the content it deserves. Written by a specialist who is trained to bring your message to your target group in the right way.

Your results will show that it was worthwhile the investment.

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Written by Debby De Ridder, Head of Copy
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