Scheldestraat /
Rue de l’Escaut 122
1080 Brussels, Belgium

T. +32 2 421 22 00


Beerstorming is a micro brewery in Brussels. You're invited to start your own brewing project.

“People tend to
prefer blondes”.
Eric Leurquin
Beerstorming Beerstorming

A unique experience

Beerstorming is not about making the next top-selling beer. Nor even about brewing in its most literal sense. It’s about creativity in brewing. About being a part of an experience. About tastes, memories and stories you can share over a beer. Or two.

This is the story that doesn’t yet exist

The fate of every Beerstorming project lies in your hands. All it takes is one click on the like-button under your favorite beer. A jury will taste the five most popular brews. They will judge wisely and discuss without moderation. One beer will end up being mass produced and made available in Belgium’s finest shops, pubs and restaurants. Will it be yours?

Beerstorming Beerstorming
“Over 3250 litres of beer have been brewed since the official opening on 15 October 2015”. Antoine Lavis


Creative director Arnaud Pitz
Long copy Christophe Vanheygen
Account handling Antoine Bouvy & Stefanie Pietercil
Design direction Eric Leurquin
DesignNadia Tweepenninckx & Frank Schouwaerts
Print production Hans Bos, Sofie Verschaeren & Thérèse Deru
Digital production Robin Carpels & Karlien Fabré