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Lidl and BBDO keep the love fresh on Valentine’s Day

Lidl inspired the nation to show real emotion through a fresh emoji

In recent years, food emojis became a popular way to send explicit love messages in a more subtle way. This Valentine, they could also be used outside the digital chat boxes.

Lidl inspired its fans to go for real, tangible and fresh emojis this year. Fresh peaches, eggplants and bananas, straight from Lidl supermarkets. Each of these fresh foods got a new “message box” packaging that was customizable with a personal message.

For those who didn’t make it to the store, Lidl had an extra surprise. The supermarket chain came to train stations and shopping areas and provided commuters with free message boxes filled with fresh emojis.

Thousands came home with a real love message, straight from the heart.

One that, for sure, was fully appreciated.



Account team
Isabel Peeters, Michelle Stas, Melissa Fastenaekels, Shi Qi Ji, Lieselot De Fraine
Creative directors Sebastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz
Creative team Frederik Clarysse, Gertjan De Smet
Strategic Planner Jan Van Brakel
DesignGertjan De Smet

Final Art Petra Saelens, Daniela Simons
Packaging Production Hans Bos
RTV Production
Patricia Van De Kerckhove, Silke Ricour
Video Editor
Dejvi Vandeveire, Valentin Taminiau
Third parties Ilona Vanouplines, Marcel Veelo