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Think BBDO stands by Solidaris

Nous sommes les défenseurs de votre santé

Solidaris, formerly Mutualités Socialistes, launches a new image-building campaign. One that leaves no room for doubt. And one which clearly asserts the raison d'être of Solidaris’ brand and organization: "because your health deserves the best". The main characters of this campaign are real Solidaris workers. They tell us why they work for Solidaris. They tell us about their job, passion and mission, giving an unquestionable power to the campaign message.

In fact, the recruitment for this campaign proved the authenticity of Solidaris’ message: when the announcement was put out, the staff responded en masse. This internal engagement, which the campaign slogan clearly expresses, is what makes Solidaris stand out. The new image-building campaign is supported by a series of products that materialize Solidaris' proposal.


Strategic Planning Fons Van Dyck & Barbara De Laet
Creative Director Arnaud Pitz
Creation Vincent De Roose & Cristina Gesulfo
Account Team Anne Le Page
TV Producer Renée Vermeire
Sound & VO BBDO productions
Third parties Caviar & Sonhouse