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Is your company looking for brand advice, a renovated brand identity or a new strategic marketing and/or communications plan? Think BBDO is your go-to strategic consultancy and branding partner.

The world is changing. For many companies, times are getting more and more confusing. What works today, might be old news tomorrow. Reputations built in years can be demolished in a few days. There’s no chance to hide.

“Strong brands are built upon strong identities that serve as a beacon for consumers and stakeholders in disruptive times.”

Fons Van Dyck, head of Think BBDO

Think BBDO will help you stay relevant and meaningful in the years ahead. We take a fresh look at your brand and evaluate your brand in the light of a changing reality. With an interactive, participative approach, Think BBDO guides brands and companies from public and semi-public sectors, in both profit and non-profit, towards a better positioning, a distinctive brand identity, a communication strategy and a marketing and/or communications plan. We translate marketing trends and insights into fresh strategic brand advice and a hands-on implementation.

Think BBDO’s core businesses are trends research, brand positioning and architecture, employer branding, internal branding, reputation management, city and regional marketing and general branding advice.

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