Data Strategy

Customer knowledge is key when effectiveness is the name of the game. And customer data management has been a pillar of BBDO since 1993.

Our experts have the knowledge and tools to detect the audiences that really drive your business. We analyse and enrich your data to understand your core audiences and feed the strategy on how to address them best.

“Data is just poorly branded insights.”

Glenn Rongé, Director of Data

Our point of difference? We’re not data only. We are a team of specialists within BBDO. We get the bigger picture of your business and brand. And we use the data to spark creatives with the most inspiring insights, to elevate our creative work.

Do you struggle with questions like:

  • Who are our most valuable customers?
  • What is the volume potential of a specific market, audience or category?
  • Who is planning to churn and how can we prevent them from leaving?


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