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The retail landscape is undergoing significant disruption. And it’s no longer something you can ignore … as it’s affecting every single retail business.

Whether you are active in groceries, fashion, deco or any other specialty: your business is and will be affected by new challengers, new business models, new customer behaviours and emerging technologies.

“The path to purchase is no longer linear. Think like your customers – one seamless experience across channels. And differentiate or die.”

Amazon is redefining the rules of e-commerce; Ace & Tate has reinvented the business model for eyewear; and while we once saw a wave of offline fashion retailers going bankrupt because of the “Zalando effect”, even this major e-commerce player is now facing huge challenges regarding profitability and customer behaviour.

At BBDO Retail we have extensive experience in helping retailers on how they can challenge their own business and find solutions when facing a rapidly changing business environment. Are you wondering how your business is being affected and how we can help? Drop by for a coffee, and let’s discuss your biggest business challenges.

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